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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Organic Bullies Educational Series - Leather Dog Collars from Bridle Leather: Your Best Choice

Leather Dog Collars from Bridle Leather: Your Best Choice
 by: Benjamin Moore

Did you know that the natural choice when looking for the most comfortable and strong dog collar is the one made of leather? Indeed, this is true. Your ideal bet for leather dog collars are those made with the use of brass, stainless steel fittings and good bridle leather.

Knowing that your pet needs to have the best, remember to invest on a well-made leather dog collar. It is guaranteed comfortable for your pet and can last for a long time. Bridle leather is among the coziest materials that can be worn against human skin and of dogs. This is why most of the expensive straps for watches are made with bridle leather.

By using leather dog collars made with bridle leather, you can be assured that the collar’s edges and the strap body would mold into your dog’s particular shape. Make sure that it has been polished and edged, though. In time, as the leather begin absorbing oil from your dog’s coat, it will become much softer, but still resistant to tearing or other forms of damage.

Dog collars made with bridle leather are guaranteed to last a long time, even if soaked in water or exposed in various kinds of temperatures. If the leather collar will be used for your dog’s romp outdoors or even in harsh weather, it can be stuffed with wax during the tanning process to make sure that it last a long time. The protection of the leather and its waterproof features also becomes fortified upon absorbing the dog’s greases and oils. Cleaning it occasionally and treating it with use of leather feed will also ensure its durability. Strong leather dog collars area also those with fittings made of metal like brass or stainless steel since these types do not rust even if immersed in seawater.

Avoid dog collar fittings made with nickel-plated iron since this metal could corrode easily. When shopping for leather dog collars, remember to read carefully the advertising text of the product and check out its features very closely.

Caring for the leather material of your dog’s collar is easy, make sure to do leather feed treatment from time to time. Quality leather feed is made from natural fats and oils like the Sedgwick Leather Feed. Applying it on the collar at least twice annually or once the collar has been dried after a soak in seawater is best. Such care would make the leather collar shed off years of use and appear new again. This kind of treatment will also hide the scuffs that would inevitable appear on the dog collar and prevent its core from drying out. If your collar fittings are made of stainless still or brass, you need not worry of maintaining it at all.

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