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Monday, December 27, 2010

Organic Bullies Educational Series - Dog Health Food Effectiveness

Dog Health Food Effectiveness
 by: Dwight Healer

Guess what these products are, Earthborn Holistic, Avoderm Natural, and Nulo, Here's a hint Nulo's tag line is Nutrition Meets Love. Your fist guess is wrong, it's not fat free yogurt. Nope it's not high end skin cream. So what's the product? These names are all for dog food products. These new products represent a trend that is going to explode as dog owners migrate from their traditional dog food to these new branded foods.

The demand for nutrient dense dog food is being ignited by the same fuel that drives the human supplement industry; people are experiencing real and positive results. To borrow a line from VitaHound's website "Nature intended our dogs to be STRONG and ENERGETIC animals, biologically designed to be vigorous carnivores". These new dog foods are designed to re introduce nutrients lost when the canine diet transformed from all meat to commercial dog food. The critical nutrient taurine, obtained by eating unprocessed meat is being added to several new dog foods. Taurine is responsible for the proper function of every cell in a dog's body, research also indicates it is important to cardiovascular health.

This new revolution in nutrient dense dog food will above all upgrade the sources used by manufactures to produce their product. In spite of commercial dog food's upgraded nutritional value, owners still need to feed their hounds a high quality daily supplement. Imperative nutrient concentrations and combinations responsible for a maintaining a healthy digestive system in canines cannot exist in manufactured dog foods. For this reason owners need to supplement their beloved hounds diet on a daily bases. A dog's health is primarily derived from the nutrients they assimilate from their food. The prevention of many canine chronic diseases is the effect of a healthy digestive system.

A plan of action would be to locate 3 or 4 websites specializing in dog health. With your dog's state of health in mind develop a list of nutrients that will benefit their overall health and well being. Before adding any supplements to your dog's diet, predetermine what results you want to see from its use. Allow 3 months for signs of improvement to materialize, if there a no noticeable effects move on to another product. I will borrow another expert from the VitaHound's site that best describes the reasoning behind this approach. "Biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, and physiology are the detailed sciences of animal structure, function, and growth. The complexity of researching nutrition at these levels is way to complicated for an individual to use in constructing a healthy diet for their dog. The information derived from the different sciences is best implemented by understanding the curative and preventative findings, then employing the use of the appropri!

ate nutrients. Insufficient improvements in your dog’s health may be adequately addressed by simply substituting substances that are not working for other relevant nutrients". In other words trial and error is the best approach to finding supplements that improve your dog's health and well being.