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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Organic Bullies Educational Series - How to Home Train Your Puppy

How to Home Train Your Puppy
by: Michel Gerard

Having a new puppy can be very exciting and fun. However, it also requires a bit of adjustment, both for you and your new little bundle of joy. In order to help your pet adapt to its new home, you need to do some puppy home training. There are a lot of ways to do this. In fact, there are tons of information available online. You can read, research, and Google it on the net. For starters though, here are a few tips that you should do when training your puppy at home.

If you're a busy person or if you're out most of the time during the day, you can train your puppy using the paper method. Here, paper is used to mark the locations where the puppy can stay and do their peeing and releasing of bowels. Initially, the room where your puppy stays should be packed with paper. As time goes by, the paper is decreased, limiting the area where the puppy can release its bowels and urine.

The paper method is actually time consuming and requires plenty of patience from you. Consistency and firmness is needed in order for it to work. If your puppy performs well, don't forget to reward him with a treat.

Another method of home training is to watch your puppy's cycle of releasing urine or bowels. For normal puppies, you can expect them to release once every forty five minutes. So if it's time for him to release, immediately bring your puppy to his potty tray. Doing this habitually will teach the puppy the correct place to release his poop.

Spending time with your pet is also an essential part of training. If you allot enough time to spend with your puppy, his progress will speed up drastically. If you're always out during weekdays, then free up your weekends so you can play with him. This way, the puppy will also get used to your presence.

During your time with your puppy, always keep in mind that mutual respect between you and your puppy is very important. Never try to punish your puppy whenever he does not follow you; instead, reward him if he does something good. Punishing your new pet will not speed up his progress. The puppy would just respect you out of fear, which might make him violent in the long run.

Also, be consistent with his feeding time. Never feed him before sleeping and always take out his feeding bowl and drinking bowl when it's time for bed. This way, you could monitor your puppies' digestion and predict the time when he is able to release.

And a final reminder: nourish your bond with your pet. Training might require a lot patience and time but it will eventually pay off if you put some effort to it. Give your puppy the proper care he deserves, feed him regularly, spend enough time with him, and give him due respect, and he will grow to be a good pet -- one who respects and loves you as his master and friend.

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