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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Organic Bullies Educational Series - Canine Vitamins Advance The Prevention Of Chronic Disease And Bestow Physical Health and Vitality

Canine Vitamins Advance The Prevention Of Chronic Disease And Bestow Physical Health and Vitality
 by: Dwight Healer
The use of vitamins for a dog's nutritional needs is getting more prevalent as owners of pets discover their benefits to dog Health. A dog's relative quicker process of getting older increases the effects of nutrients introduceded thru vitamins added to a dog's diet. A large percentage of canines are fed commercially produced foods, plenty of which don't take care of the complicated diet necessities of canines. These dog foods do offer a good foundation for a dog's diet however it is unfeasible for these foods to provide many nutrient elements that help a dog's physiology. Even those dog foods considered in the higher echelon of quality foods don't always cover all the bases for every dog's nutritional needs.

Factors that affect the particular nutritive requirments of a dog would be age, size, breed, and daily activity. All dog's will find advantages in a regular supplement beginning as puppies. Bone expansion and condition, vision, metabolism and joint health are seriously assisted by including vitamins in dog's diet. Vital to selecting key vitamins for your hound is choosing supplements that contain tissue ready forms of nutrient elements. A majority of dog daily supplements are products designed for humans repackaged for pets. These supplements provide a fraction of the health benefits as nutrient elements that are specially designed for a dog's biology.

As an example glucosamine and chondroitin are becoming widely known for their highly valuable health benefits to humans and dogs. However humans benefit from glucosamine extracted from shell fish while a dog's biology requires Glucosamine derived from the fungus Aspergillus Niger. Glucosamine supports a dog's joint health by turbocharging the volume and density of the synovial fluid surrounding the joints, allowing the joint's surface to be shielded and induced to heal when damaged. Healthy and intact joints support complete bone health, thereby encouraging extended healthy movement for an active dog.

A dog's health and vitality is buttressed by many of the well-known vitamins. Vitamin C is superb for the skin, fights off infection helping to maintain the immune system. In combination with vitamin D, it helps in the natural creation of collagen which fortifies ligaments and tendons. B-12 aids in keeping up the appetite and vitamin E has anti-inflammatory benefits while reinforcing the disposition of the foot pads. Antioxidants provide curative features while acting as a natural shield against illness.

starting a good regime for young dogs and continuing the routine thru adultness gives a healthy foundation from which the dogs body can grow and age with the absolute best state of health. Vitamins for dog health work to sustain not just the present condition of the dog, but also help to prevent the development and onset of many diseases. Today's dog food combined with modern veterinarian care is providing dogs the longest life span they have ever experienced. Because of this dogs need to be feed high quality daily supplements designed with synergistic mixes of nutrients that support their natural physical vitality and health.

When choosing vitamins for dog nutrition, it is extremely important to consider only those compounded for canines. Human vitamins may be harmful for dogs due to express nutritional 1s and the possibility of overdose. Be looking for pointless added fillers and choose only those vitamins with the finest ingredients. In order to provide the best possible life, quality food should be accompanied by top of the range vitamins, lots of fresh water and daily exercise.

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