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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Organic Bullies Educational Series - How To Crate Train Your Puppy

How To Crate Train Your Puppy
by: Jon Breskins

You just brought your puppy home and you just can't wait to play with it. But when bedtime comes, or you need to make a quick jaunt to the store, do you want to worry about returning home to a horrid mess? No! That's why puppy crate training can help yours be a happy dog.

When you are thinking about the type of dog you want, think also about their comfort inside your home. A crate is more than just a place to keep your dog, it is their den, their place of security when they are frightened and their special spot. No one else can use it. Make it a place that they can truly enjoy.

On the day that your furry baby comes home, take time to let your puppy familiarize itself with different areas of the house. Be there for your pup to return to the "big dog" for reassurance. Open up the crate and let them explore it, praising them for examining something new and different. Pet them inside the crate, give them a treat. Make this a place that they associate with good feelings, safety and happiness.

Each kind of crate has different features. Wire crates are great for furry dogs. Plastic or polymer crates can be great for travel. Small cloth crates are perfect for teacup dogs. Choose the crate that best suits your dog, its size and the use you need it for.

Crates make it easier for you to potty train your pet. As most dogs despise soiling their sleeping quarters, you can help your puppy learn how to go outside quickly by using crate training at night and immediately letting them out to do their business in the morning. Make sure that you praise their success, and reward them appropriately. This will help them to identify that they need to go outside rather than inside on the floor, carpet or in your shoe.

You can also discourage bad behavior by using the crate as a place for short time outs. This is especially helpful when you are having to deal with the disaster in the living room upon coming home. Or, it can be used to stop the dog from yapping incessantly at the letter carrier.

Bedtime can be a good time for your dog if you use a crate. Rather than having to deal with a dog that constantly jumps up on the bed and steals the sheets, you can get a good nights' sleep. Make sure that the crate is comfortable for your pet and offer them an incentive to go in at night. Praise them for being quiet, and be quick to let them out in the morning so that they do not spend too long in the crate overall.

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