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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Organic Bullies Educational Series - Tips To A Pet Sitter For Handling Difficult Pets

Tips To A Pet Sitter For Handling Difficult Pets
by: Rex Smith

It doesn’t always become possible to live with the pet. At some point of time in our lives, it becomes necessary to leave the pet behind. For instance, when you have to go for a work trip or when you are taking a vacation, in such cases, there is no other way than to leave the pet all alone at home under the supervision of a pet sitter. Thus finding the right pet sitter is essential in keeping your pet happy when you’re away from your home.

Pet sitting services is located all over the world and thus pet owners nowadays are breathing a sigh of relief. Now, they no longer have to depend upon their relatives or friends to take care of their pets. Now the pet owners have the option of pet sitters who are easily available and reliable.

Now, let us deal with the problems that a pet sitter may come across with difficult pets. Read the following tips and make your pet sitting experience less traumatic.

The very first thing that you need to establish as a pet sitter is that you need to connect to the pet's mind at first sight. It is essential to make the pet know that you’re not scared of him. You can best do this by looking straight to his eyes when you speak to him. Call him by his name.

Never try reasoning with the pet. They basically do not understand human language. They only understand few words like ‘sit’, ‘no’, ‘stay’ and such others. But always remember to use these words in an authoritative tone. If the pet responds properly, praise him then and there by telling him ‘nice dog’ or ‘good boy’. It would be a great idea to reward the pet by stroking and petting him or by just giving him any of his favorite food.

Animals sometimes misbehave just to get attention. You may come across situations when the pet may act obstinate, wet the floor or chew up things. If this is something abnormal for the pet, don’t panic. Always remember that the owner is gone and that seeing a stranger in his owner’s place makes him angrier. This is the time when the pet sitters need to act generously with the pet, giving him ample time and attention just to help him relieve his unease. Once he starts realizing that he has nothing to be scared of, he would start acting friendly with you.

Pet sitting becomes difficult when the pet goes out of control. In such cases, never hit the pet. You can place him outside the house in a fenced yard or just chain him. If you don’t find this idea of placing him outside to be a secured one, you can place him in a closed room. Go to the pet after few minutes to check out his behavior. If he keeps on continuing in the same manner, don’t let him out or free him. Once the pet understands that you will not change your mind, he will start behaving accordingly. However, this may take some time for the pet to understand. So, always have patience.

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