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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Organic Bullies Educational Series - Why Do Dogs Eat Their Own Poop

Why Do Dogs Eat Their Own Poop
by: Abigail Armstrong

What is basically common among canines is feeding on poop, a medical situation known as Corophagia. While the thought of it truly is enough to make even the toughest grown man cry, for canines it truly is something that may be quite natural. Even though there are usually many theories as well as some evidence which may allow us to understand this perplexing habit of our puppy eating its feces, one point is irrefutable. Not only might Corophagia cause health issues for your puppy, but it might drive a huge wedge in between a dog and their owner.

The number one theory behind why do canines feed on their own poop is the puppy is struggling with many sort of nutritional deficiency. This might be from a lack of sufficient nutrients in their food, or from a medical problem your pet may be suffering from. If you have realized that your dog is eating his or her feces between feedings, the most effective course of action could be to take her or him to the vet to make certain there isn't any medical situation triggering it.

Most vets have found the cause that many dongs eat their own feces is mainly because of the wide variety of dog foods on the market, some fail to provide dogs with the necessary nutrition. Many commercial puppy foods consist primarily of grains and vegetables, which do not provide optimal vitamins to your puppy. Also, the vegetables and grains that are usually included could do more harm than good by basically triggering the enzymes in the puppie's stomach to become imbalanced and affecting proper digestion.

This condition could very well be caused by your canine attempting to eat its feces because this enzyme is lacking and mainly because it truly is an instinctual way to maintain the vitamins the food actually does contain. To prevent this from happening, trying purchasing premium brands of puppy food because they generally contain more of the much needed proteins as well as vegetables and grains and it often keeps canines from looking for other sources for these nutrients.

However, there are other causes that veterinarians have found for why canines will consume their feces, including boredom mainly because the dog has nothing better to do that may keep it occupied enough to prevent corophagia. You could certainly accept this theory as the reason behind the undesirable behavior, and go shopping for a variety of dog toys, but your dog might still persist in the consuming of feces.

Corophagia is also thought to have another cause and some think it might be due to the dog's current environment or maybe the previous environment it could have been in. If corophagia is a problem for a dog which you have recently purchased or maybe received, chances usually are the home it was in recently was unclean and is the cause. A puppy does not like to lay in their own feces, and if kept in uncleaned conditions, the puppy will eat their poop to try and clean the place up. This might be a challenging habit for them to break, even if their new living area is kept spotless.

Although there are other theories that exist on the cause for canines consuming their feces, no one might be completely certain of the exact reason. You might be avoiding your pet's kisses and affection simply because of this awful habit, so it truly is fortunate for puppy owners that there are other ways you could try to get it to refrain from such behaviour.

By simply removing the feces and thus the temptation to eat it, you may be doing the very best thing you could to stop your puppy from the disgusting habit. Remove the feces immediately after the puppy has defecated and get rid of it.

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