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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Organic Bullies Educational Series - How to Create a Comfortable Home for Your Pets

How to Create a Comfortable Home for Your Pets
by: Stewart Wrighter

If you are in the process of making changes in your home, your spouse and children are probably more than willing to speak up and declare their demands. Everyone has an opinion and you are faced with the challenge of incorporating these opinions into your home design. However, if you have pets, they are obviously not so forthcoming with how they feel. Most pets are content to have a warm place to sleep and regular meals, but there are ways you can make your space even healthier and more comfortable for the furry members of your family. First, make sure you provide your pets with a healthy environment. Pets may be more sensitive to issues than humans, so if you have pest problems, be sure to call on reliable exterminators. Orkin and other options will allow you to create a bug-free space your pet will love.

Next, be sure your pet is healthy. In order to keep your home healthy, everyone in it must be free of disease and illness. Have your pets checked on the annual basis and be sure they are up to date with shots and medications. A healthy pet is more than likely a happy pet.

Be sure your pet has access to plenty of fresh air. Dogs will need regular walks or a yard in which to roam. Cats may enjoy paying outside, but many families prefer to keep their feline indoors. This is usually a perfect living arrangement for a cat, but they should still have the benefit of an occasional open window to enjoy the fresh outside air.

Give your pet plenty of space in which to exercise. If you keep your pet indoors, you can encourage them to run and play in staircases and wide open spaces. Giving them toys will encourage indoor play. If you have an outside space, fence the area in so you can just let the pet run loose and enjoy the open space.

Finally, arrange a private dining space for your pet. Feed them in this area consistently so they understand this is where they eat. This helps cut down on mess and it settles the pet when they know just where to go for their food. If you have a cat, be sure the eating area is far away from the litter box. If you leave your pet outdoors for a few hours at a time, be sure to supply them with food and water they can easily access.

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