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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Organic Bullies Educational Series - Various Types Of Leather Dog Collars

Various Types Of Leather Dog Collars
by: Jennifer Marshall

Leather Collars

These collars are among the sturdiest and longest lasting collars available. They come in a variety of styles and sizes which range from the narrower rolled leather collar to wide 2 inch collars. A leather collar can be just plain leather or embelished with rhinestones, studs or decorative conches. There are even customized collars which will display your dogs name in rhinestone letters.

A rolled leather collar is perfect for smaller dogs and can prevent the hair breakage that can be caused from the flat leather collars. They are usually softer and more comfortable for your dog. They fasten with a buckle and come with several holes so you can adjust the size as your dogs neck gets bigger.

Although leather collars are more expensive than a standard nylon collar they are well worth it because they are much better quality and will last longer.

Flat Buckle Collar

This collar is normally made of colorful nylon and is available in different sizes and thicknesses and is an easy fit to any size dog. They can also be made of leather or cotton. No matter what other kind of collar you choose to use with your dog this is an excellent collar for your pet to wear as it is easy to attach medical and identifying information to this collar. It is also an excellent collar to use on a young puppy to get them used to wearing a collar.

For many dogs this may be the only type of collar you will ever need. To ensure this collar fits properly it should be placed high on the neck and you should be able to slip two fingers between the collar and the dogs neck. A too tight collar may interfere with your dogs ability to eat or breath and having one that is too loose will make it possible for him to slip out of the collar. So having the proper fit is important.

The Slide Choke Chain

The slide choke chain commonly called a choke collar is designed for training your dog. This collar will pinch the bronchial nerve in the dogs neck if he tugs on the leash while being walked. This collar must be used properly or it can damage your dogs trachea. Additionally, do not leave a dog unsupervised while wearing this type of collar or the collar could get hung up on a tree limb, fence or other obstacle and the dog could choke to death.

If you are planning on using this type of collar for training your dog then you should seek a professionals advice on how to use this collar the right way. You should also remove this collar as soon as the training lesson is complete and replace it with a flat collar or some other safe collar.

Break Away Collar

The break away collar is becoming more popular with people who allow their dogs out in a fenced in area to play for part of the day. These collars let you attach tags with medical information and identification in case the dog should somehow get out of the enclosure and also provides a margin of safety in case he gets hung up while playing.

This collar is specifically designed with a special mechanism so if too much pressure is applied to the collar the collar will release, freeing the dog and thus preventing accidental hanging of your dog. For this reason it is a poor training collar as a quick tug on the collar could allow the dog to break loose.

There are a lot more collars you can select from, these are just a few of the more common. They should get you started on your way to determining which dog collar is the correct one for your beloved dog.

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