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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Organic Bullies Educational Series - A Significant Strategy to Deal with that Awful Dog Behavior

A Significant Strategy to Deal with that Awful Dog Behavior
by: Michel Gerard

Most pet dogs have attitudes that can be pretty annoying and frustrating to every owner. Such attitudes include hyper-activeness, biting and teething, loud barking at people, uncontrolled behavior, sudden jumping and many more. While dogs are not capable of learning obedience on their own, training techniques can be used to control these unwanted dog behaviors.

Before jumping into this training idea one should know that controlling a dog's bad habit is not easy at all. It is not comparable to how a child is taught to read the ABC or count 1, 2, 3.

There is always an easy way to a difficult formula. In this case, the secret is simple, reward the pet when it has positive behaviors and correct it gently if it misbehaves. This approach is the only ingredient in a situation where a dog has problematic manners.

The very foundation of every master who wants to befriend his hyperactive buddy is to know the correction training. The correction training starts with the no-petting rule. One who loves to pet his dog only encourages dog biting and licking. Dogs bite off when humans pet them. They also tend to lick a lot when feeling over excited.

In order to control biting and licking habits of dogs, an owner should show disapproval by a soft spank in their mouth. It will act like a signal command to stop such behavior. When a dog follows a command, one should express a simple statement of praise or a little tap on the head. This can encourage the dog to maintain a good attitude in the end. When done frequently, the dog will develop its gut feeling of controlling biting and picking needless things.

It is also important that a pet owner knows what his pet fears most. He should be acquainted with the correct way of dealing with his buddy's terrors since improper handling can usually lead to bad dog behaviors. Usually, when a dog exhibits a sign of fear, the usual approach of owners is to scold the pet. This is a negative way of dealing with a dog's senses. It could even cause the dog to be more frightened and run-off as it cannot understand such reaction from their owners. In order to resolve this problem, the owner should be extra-tender in dealing with a dog's fears. He should comfort the dog instead and make it feel safe. A dog master should develop his pet's social instincts and adaptability to any environment. Training the dog with basic dog movements such as sit, stand, jump, run and go can also be effective to redirect the dog's interest.

Pet owners should carry out some of the aforementioned ideas as it can prove beneficial to them. It is said that dogs are men's best friend. However, they are not just good pals but are also good depression outlets. It has been proven that most people with pet dogs are happier compared to those without pets. But then again, even the most tamed pet can have a dark side too. But the way to effectively manage a pet is simple: good behavior must be given reward while the bad behavior be given due corrections. After some time, the pet will become skilled at doing away with bad behaviors and retain only the desirable conduct.

Dog training can be a very lengthy course of action that often requires patience and understanding. Nevertheless, by doing so, one can achieve a good master and pet relationship. If one is incapable of training his pet, then a dog trainer can be a good alternative. Dog training guidebooks are also available online and in various department stores.

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