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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Organic Bullies Educational Series - Important Facts To Consider When Buying A Dog Crate

Important Facts To Consider When Buying A Dog Crate
by: Alain Fortier

Picking out a dog crate is one of the most important decisions you will have to make when it comes to your pet. There are various types, sizes and colors available. Dog crates are made of heavy-gauge wire with one, two or three hinged doors for easy access for your pet. In a wire crate, your pet can see what is going on around him or her, which makes them feel they are still a part of the family even though at times, they are confined to the crate. Some dog crates are collapsible for easy storage, and they are easy to assemble, as well as keep clean. Make sure the crate has a solid plastic pan on the bottom, wire floors are not good for your dogs paws.

To get the proper height of the dog crate, you measure your pet from its shoulders to the floor and add about 3-4 inches. To get the proper width of the crate, you measure your pet from its nose to its tail base, and you add about 3-4 inches. This should give you the proper size needed. Your pet should be able to lie down, turn around and have extra headroom when sitting or standing, and feel secure and comfortable.

Dog crates are not only used to transport your pet, but they are also used for training, as well as for evening time, when your dog needs to go to bed. Your puppy should be trained in their early years, so that they are comfortable using the cage as they become full grown. Dog crates should never be used for punishment, it can make your pet become more aggressive, not listen to you, or follow any of your commands and also develop a resentment towards the crate. As humans, animals are sensitive too, and for crate training it is better for your pet to know that their crate is a safe place for them to be in.

When buying a crate for your puppy, make sure it has dividers so you can adjust the width of the crate to accommodate the puppies growth. A proper size crate is very important for house training your pet. A dog knows not to soil his sleeping area, but if the crate is too big, it may encourage the pup to soil in the furthest area in the crate, so make sure you use the dividers.

You should always place a bed or a mat on the floor of the crate to provide your dog with a nice soft place to rest on. You can also include some of your pet’s favorite toys. Keep in mind when choosing the proper crate for your pet, it should be sturdy, and your pet should be able to move around, and not be confined. You need to offer them a safe, clean environment best suited for the situation, whether you are at home or traveling.

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